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you only pay when our CPU works for your app  
Point us to your sources or binaries
We run/host them in Docker containers
You only pay for our CPU time

per second of a busy CPU

Usually, they charge you per hour, whether your site is working hard or is idle. We're the only platform in the world that charges per CPU usage.

Uniquely Cost Effective

You pay per second of CPU usage, not per hour or per month. If your app is silent, you pay nothing. Once you get the traffic and your containers consume more CPU time, you pay proportionally more.

Scales From Zero To Infinity

The number of containers is scaled automatically. We monitor your CPU usage and start more containers when needed. Once your application slows down, we shut down unnecessary containers. All this happens behind the scene.

Zero-Downtime Deployments Out-of-the-box

We fully support green/blue deployment strategy, out of the box. When a new version of your app is ready for deployment, we attempt to start new containers for it, check their readiness, and then we shut down the old version. End-users experience zero down-time.

Anything That Runs on Linux

Unlike many other PaaS providers, we support all technologies that can run on Linux, including Java, Ruby, Go, Python, PHP, etc. Thanks to Docker, you have full control of your app configuration.